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Our Programs

We are on a mission to help everyone around us lead a better and more joyful life! We will continue with our work to bring equality with love, care and a little help.

Offering Elderly
Care for A Better Life

No Matter What Age You Are In, We Care for You!Team Brij Seva Sansthan salutes the spirit of all the elderly people. Especially those who belong to the underprivileged section.

Protecting Cow And India's Street Animals

Animals are the most vulnerable living beings exposed to the cruelty of mankind. We work to secure, fortify and save these innocent living creatures.

Program for Teenage Children To Help Them Thrive

Children are not born poor or rich; they are none other than messengers of the Almighty and the nation's future

About us

Brij Seva Sansthan

We are a welfare, voluntary, not-for-profit organization working with and for the disadvantaged section of society. Brij Seva Sansthan envisions a society where the underprivileged elderly people can survive an active, healthy, and dignified life. Deprived children get an education, proper medication, food, and shelter. Daughters of poor families get married. Disabled get self-reliant with proper equipment. 

Helping Young Children with Food and Education

Millions of poor children around the world lack access to basic amenities in life. They do not have the privilege of proper food, clean water to drink, and take baths. Nor do they have the facility to attend school. The right education and proper food can build a worthy future for every child. Our team members have volunteered their time and work to bring a big impact, creating a proper future for every child living in Mathura.

Education is a significant factor in every person’s life. We make sure to provide them with the right educational facilities so that no child in India remains barred from basic education. We make the right to food, shelter, and education possible for poor children. 

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Each Child Needs Protection Till They Come Off Age

Brij Seva Sanbsthan is strives to provide protection to every child on the street so that they do not get into any kind of trap of human trafficking or drug abuse. We believe that children are the future of our nation and we take every precaution to protect them from anything bad happening to them.

An Emergency Care Can Save A Life

Life can be uncertain. And, uncertainty may come in the form of accidents, illness, drug abuse, getting into trouble for social circumstances, and many more. We have our emergency team ready to attend to such situations and provide the best solutions to young children who are less fortunate to have protection from family.

Every child deserves a healthy start

Provide FREE services to check healthcare and prescribe basic resources like food and medical. 

They do medication and refer patients to a program just as they do any other specialty and improve health to people who are seeking medical care. 

We need your help.

Featured Campaigns

Brij Seva Sansthan is a voluntary organization to provide help to children who live on the street, elderly people who do not have access to good healthcare services and also protecting and feeding the street animals.

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Invested in all our programs last year 2019


Invested in all our programs last year 2019

“I realize that school can help me achieve my goals and improve my life.”

 Samuel Phelp, Program Alumna, Tanzania

Who we are.

Brij Seva Sansthan Is Here To Make a Difference In People’s Life

Brij Seva Sansthan is on a mission to help underprivileged children, elderly people, and animals on the street with food, healthcare facilities, and emergency support.

Supporting the Teen

We are in an endeavor to provide teenage children with food, education, and emergency support and help them lead healthier and better lives.

Helping the Elderly

Elderly people always need extra support. And, we at Brij Seva Sansthan have made it our mission to provide them with medical care and access to medications.

Feeding Street Animals

Street animals are often neglected, and they also do not get proper food. So, we at Brij Seva Sansthan have made it our mission to feed them regularly.

Offering Emergency Services

We have made arrangements to offer emergency medical support to the under-privileged and provide them access to medication and medical care.

Questions? Ask!

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    Brij Seva Sansthan Is Committed to Transparency

    We are committed to utilizing all our funds towards helping the underprivileged. If you want to make a donation towards our organization, you may do so, and be rest assured that your donation will be entirely utilized for helping the elderly, teenage children, and street animals. If you want more information about our way of operations, you may connect with us anytime.